Unsere Gäste können sich in unserem Wellnessbereich regenerieren: mit Whirlpool, Dampfbad und Sauna können Sie entspannte Stunden genießen.

The Finnish sauna

     The main feature of the Finnish sauna is the transition between cold and warm. In this way the body is detoxified.

     It is a good help for strengthening the immunitary system as well.

     The temperature is constantly kept at 85-90 ° C. The recommended stay is 8-15 minutes.

The Turkish bath

     The turkish bath is a treatment that takes advantage of the very high (90-100%) relative humidity.

     The temperature varies from 40 to 60 ° C and increases from the bottom upwards.

     Sweating is less intense than in a very hot and dry place like the sauna, but the staying is longer. The result is that the amount of sweat perspired is even higher.

     The turkish bath has several beneficial effects on the body.

     First of all it helps a deep cleansing and purifying of the skin. When the steam concentration is higher than the amount of water of the epidermis, it forms a layer of moisture on the skin.
     The warm and wet enviromental causes the opening of the pores with a relative increased sweating.

     After the treatment the skin looks brighter and more elastic as the the sweat removes many toxins and stimulates cell renewal. It is a relaxing treatment that relieves stress.


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