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Maybe it is because what would the summer be without a bike to ride.
Or because the area offers the opportunity of a thousand amazing raids on the two wheels across mountains and forests.
Or, again, because we also love this sport and we know the needs of those who practice it.
It will be for all these reasons that the cyclists and their bicycles are not simply welcome to our hotel. They find here a range of services specifically offered to fulfill all their needs.
- safe bike-garage
- electric bike charging plug
- tools for washing, maintain and repair your bikes
- cleaning and drying clothes services
- Packed meals and drinks for your bike journey
- Information and maps of the area bike paths


Hotel Corona Ferrea

Borgata Kratten, 11 – 33012  SAPPADA (UD)

Tel/Fax: +39 0435 469 103  

P. Iva: 00014670251

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  • pet friendly
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Sappada Dolomiti Hotel Corona Ferrea
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